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Pure Methylene Chloride

Price : INR 66.00

We are one of the well known suppliers of Pure Methylene Chloride in the market. Our range of Methylene Chloride is highly effective and its general chemical formula is CH2Cl2. It is colorless and colorless volatile fluid with a sweet aroma. Methylene Chloride is immensely used as a solvent. Further, it is less hazardous in compare to other Chloro-carbons. It is miscible with most other organic solvents.


  • Colorless
  • Non flammable
  • Boiling point 40.4oC
  • Clear liquid
  • Stability up to 60oC
  • Low toxicity
  • Safe to handle


  • Manufacturing of Polycarbonates, Phenolics, Rayon yarn
  • Solvent for Cellulose Acetates, Photo-resist, Tablet film coatings
  • Paint and Grease Removing Agent
  • Fire-Fighting Agent
  • Extractant for Edible fats, Cocoa, Butter and Essences
  • Adhesives for Polymethyl Methacrylate
  • Aerosol Propellant, Refrigerant
  • Chemical Reaction Medium


  • Zinc coated GI Barrels of 250 kg net weight for export
  • 250 kg net weight HM-HDPE Barrels for Domestic Market
  • 40 kg net weight HM-HDPE Drums for Domestic Market

Technical Specifications

Properties Specifications Color APHA 10.00 max Sp. Gravity(15oC/4oC) 1.332/1.340 - Purity% - 99.90 min Methyl Chloride PPM 20.00 max Chloroform PPM 20.00 max Carbon Tetrachloride PPM 40.00 max Trans 1-2 Dichloroethylene PPM 10.00 max Moisture PPM 80.00 max Free Chlorine PPM 200.00 max Acidity (as HCl) NIL -