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We are a leading supplier of Formaldehyde solution, which is a chemical compound with the formula H2CO. It is an organic compound containing a terminal carbonyl group. It is a colorless and has pungent odor. Our range of formaldehyde solution is immensely used in various areas.


  • Manufacture of amino and phenolic resins
  • Anhydrous monomer, solution polymers and derivatives
  • Manufacture of urea formaldehyde
  • Wood composite plywood, partial board, fiber board, fiber bonding, laminates, foundry, resins, abrasive and friction materials, molding materials
  • In soaps as disinfectants
  • Sterilization of surgical goods
  • Preservative in hair shampoo


  • 10 â�� 20 MT liquid cargo road tankers
  • 30 Litre HDPE canisters / polycans (32.50 kgs. nett.)
  • HDPE drum (225.00 kgs. nett.) 20,000 - 25,000 litre
  • IMO - type 1 isothermal tank containers (20-25 MT)


  • Use of approved respiratory systems, goggles, gloves & suitable clothing is recommended


  • Storable under controlled temperature conditions depending on the specific product grade


Type liquid
Brand Name omkar chemicals
CAS No. 50-00-0
Purity 37%


Property Value
Color Clear
Appearance Liquid
Purity 37% (±0.5%)
Specific gravity 1.098 - 1.114
Methanol 0.8% TO 6.0%
Acidity 0.05% (MAX)
Iron 10 PPM (MAX)
PH (aqueous solution) 2.8 TO 4.0